Once Upon A Tulum

Tuluna stands for empowerment, and equality between every man, woman, animal, and this Earth.  
We rise with the Sun, and we rest with the Moon, and we understand that the tides of the ocean are like the tides that govern us within - ever flowing, changing and shifting.

Tuluna is an eco-friendly swimwear range catered to women.  

We don’t simply want a certain type of woman – we want to inspire a certain type of woman.  
We know that feeling is what breeds a person, and we want all women to feel empowered, in touch, in tune and in alignment to the forces of our nature without ever feeling like we are too much – whether too feminine or too masculine, we want all women to see the beauty in being simply themselves.

We are powerful, we are strong, we are fierce, but we are also soft and nurturing, we are gentle and sentimental; we are as we are – naturally.  

Because of this, we honour nature,  

The nature of others, and the nature of this Earth.  

The first collection of swimwear being released this August is entirely eco-friendly. The fabric has been consciously sourced from fishing net waste pulled from the depths of the sea, and from here it has been converted into the swimwear fabric that each and every one of our swimwear has been made from. 
Every piece has been designed with precision in how you will feel, when you wear our swimwear. 

We will endeavour to honour all that is Earth conscious in all that we create and are always open to hearing from you. 

The origins of Tuluna were born in a moment of inspiration under a full moon (Luna) in Tulum, Mexico.