Tuluna is passionate about Mother Earth, and determined to make a positive and powerful contribution to reducing its own footprint on this planet. We aim to create products with integrity, quality and sustainable practices, in all areas of our business.
Our premium swimwear has been created from ECONYL® fabric, a part of the "Healthy Seas" initiative. ECONYL® fabric is made from recovered fishing nets converted into new polyamide yarn that boasts the same features as virgin nylon in terms of performance and quality, but without the use of non-renewable fossil raw materials.
Each style produced has been carefully made in alignment with our core value of sustainability. We reflect this belief by designing and manufacturing pieces with durability in mind ; pieces that will stand the test of time, all delivered with premium eco-friendly packaging.
By purchasing Tuluna, you are combining forces to care for this world with us. You are also choosing to support sustainability and the health of our planet and ecosystem. We believe we must protect and serve each other in this nature, in order to preserve the beauty of not only this world, but the essence of ourselves.